Doreen Martel

Doreen Martel

Doreen has been involved in freelance writing for more than a decade. Her transition from working in the more traditional workplace in various financial positions took a nosedive when she was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) which rendered her legally blind. Fortunately, Doreen was determined that this development would not slow her down and she decided that if she could no longer drive to a workplace then she needed to bring the workplace to her. That she did.

Since her early days as a freelancer through oDesk Doreen has worked tirelessly to develop her writing skills and meet the needs of her clients. To date, she has written more than 10,000 articles with very specific niche focuses including:

• Financial – since Doreen had years of experience with home mortgages, mutual fund companies and stock brokers, her focus on financial writing is no surprise.
• Legal – Doreen has always had an affinity for learning about law. Because she was determined to provide the highest possible quality of legal writing, in 2014 she decided to pursue her Paralegal certificate. Since she started freelancing, more than 40 percent of Doreen’s work is related to legal topics.
• Business – being a small business owner herself, Doreen is committed to providing the highest quality business writing for any topic that comes her way from marketing to succession planning.

Doreen is not a “generic” writer; she focuses on these primary categories with the occasional HVAC title thrown in for good measure. When you need high quality, factual writing, Doreen is the person you want to consider writing for you.

Financial background: For more than 10 years Doreen worked at a sales assistant for Kidder Peabody and Dean Witter Reynolds. From there, she began working for New England Merchants Corporation, a Massachusetts mortgage company. While there she worked her way up from a mortgage originator to the Vice President of Mortgage Compliance. When the company decided to close, Doreen took her extensive talents to Putnam Investments where she worked in the Offshore Accounting division as well as the Retirement Plans division.

Doreen holds both a Financial Accounting Certificate from Dean College in Franklin Massachusetts as well as a Paralegal Certificate from George Mason University.

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